Nearhe.re local is a new platform connecting people to events, products, and services. Nearhere operates on a locational basis and although products can be requested across region-lines it's most common for nearhere to function as a local tradingpost of sorts.

The community calendar features events in the area and you can add events. To promote event listings, check the promotions tab on the calendar page.

Nearhere also features local products for sale. To list and sell a product is free and requires minimal id verification.

Services on Nearhere require more identity verification, as consumers are using our platform to find trusted and authentic service providers. Both consumers and service providers wishing to use the services section of nearhere must complete the identity verification and agree to the explicit terms of use.

Life by the Calendar The Calendar shows events and users can post comments on a whole day or on a specific event. Calendar can be used by just about everyone with a basic account.

Then there's Products To sell you need a seller ID which automatically gets you a Seller's page. Seller ratings are determined by customers. Treat them with respect

Finally, Services To offer a service there needs to be some extra checking of sorts... but once you're verified, the ratings will likely speak for themselves...

Nearhe.re: Products, Events, Services

Nearhere will be available soon in select regions of the US for beta testing. Leave your e-mail to be notified when nearhe.re is in an open beta near you. So far over 300 people have signed up to be notified.