is a new calendar-based events platform. We're redesigning how people connect with the weekend.

Calendar app designed around EVENTS in YOUR CITY.

Seek out goods on the marketplace,

Or find a trusted service provider for your new solar installation, is designed with you in mind. is a platform to find local events, trades, and trusted services. Amazon says that a majority of its delivery fulfilment is focused on "last-mile delivery" because that final critical mile to the end consumer is the most vital and least predictable. Why not flip this problem on its head and start locally? People figured out how to build towns and cities before just fine, and now with the internet it seems like towns and cities are dying because everything we did in person has moved to the cloud.
Naturally, we see this current situation as unacceptable and we are crafting a platform that not only actively learns what's happening at various hotspots, it can help reconnect local consumers to their blocks.
Nearhere will be available soon in select regions of the US for beta testing. Leave your e-mail to be notified when is in an open beta near you. So far over 300 people have signed up to be notified.